I'm eminently honored and take this opportunity to heartily welcome you all to our official website. I'm highly elated to express my gratitude and best wishes to all of the visitors of our website for their precious time.

The Directorate of Industrial Entomology Development (DOIED), Nepal, one of the Directorates under the Department of Agriculture, is working for the betterment of Nepalese farmers especially engaged in apiculture, sericulture and mushroom cultivation. DOIED is primarily responsible for formulating policies and providing technical guidance in the areas of apiculture, sericulture and mushroom cultivation. Vision, mission and objectives of DOIED are principally guided by the priorities of the Government of Nepal towards the upliftment of livelihood of the rural poor through effective implementation of programs and promotion of these components.

As a predominant player for the development of the industrial entomology components, DOIED has an important role to play in the deliverance of effective services in Nepal. While challenges to develop industrial entomology lie on the way, DOIED has been considering past efforts that could be reflected in present needs and changing scenario, giving high priority to addressing burning problems that will meet the needs of all the stakeholders as envisaged by the Government of Nepal, reassessing working approach and formulation of the policies, which will be conducive for the investment and involvement of the private sectors, showing increased professionalism in its endeavor. Hence, we are determined to amend working principles, policies and modalities for making it more recipient friendly.

This time, our website will make the viewers familiar with objectives, policies and strategies, of DOIED and its organizations. At the same time, the viewers will also be benefited with a few technical references on commodities we deal with. 

I wish to help develop this directorate as an organization, within which all people, including farmers and development stakeholders, irrespective of their personal capabilities or physical resources, feel that they have space and esteem for their individual or combined contributions with synergistic effect by means of apiculture, sericulture and mushroom cultivation, as weapons to combat poverty and to uplift the standard of living of primarily the rural people.

In the future, we will try to be more informative for all kinds of viewers like students, teachers, researchers, scholars, entrepreneurs and the farmers as well.

Viewers' creative comments and suggestions are most welcome. Lots of thanks for visiting www.doiednepal.gov.np

Harihar Adhikari 
Program Director

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