This office was established under the Department of Agriculture (DOA) in 2052 B.S. (1995 AD) as Industrial Entomology Development Division and later changed into the Directorate of Industrial Entomology Development (DOIED) in 2057 B. S. (2000 AD) with the aim to promote the crops of industrial importance by means of apiculture, sericulture and mushroom cultivation, as agricultural enterprise(s) through entrepreneurship development, in order to:

  • Generate employments, alleviate poverty and uplift the standard of living of primarily the rural people.
  • Support the development of national economy by best utilizing all sorts of available resources including human resources,

It is important and fundamental process to mobilize local resources for local development and to bring about the economic and social changes in the lives of majority of human resources engaged in agriculture. sericulture, apicultureand mushroom cultivation, being an industrial and labour-intensive occupation, in which about 60 percent of the total labour-force can easily be supplied from within the family or household, have the great scope for increased production of quality silk, honey, and mushroom to meet the national demand as well as for export.

As the governmental policy to promote the sericulture, apiculture andmushroom cultivation to create income generating employment opportunities in the rural areas of the country, there are three programmes being implemented under the DOIED as follows:

  • Sericulture Development Programme
  • Apiculture Development Programme
  • Mushroom Development Programme

Mandate of DOIED

  • Work as technical authority concerned to sericulture, apiculture, andmushroom.
  • Help MOAC and DOA in formulating national policies, strategies, plans and programmes regarding sericulture, apiculture andmushroom.
  • Help MOAC and DOA in preparing rules and regulations.
  • Prepare programme directives, working guidelines and norms based upon approved policies and plans for the implementation at field level.
  • Develop project proposals on sericulture, apiculture and mushroomfor donor assistance.
  • Organize and participate in national and international seminars, workshops and meetings.
  • Coordinate and cooperate among/with research and other concerned agencies/organizations.
  • Maintain national database on sericulture, apiculture andmushroom.
  • Extension of appropriate technologies for farmers’ adoption.
  • Coordinate among different farms and centers for annual programme planning and their implementation at the field level.
  • Regular monitoring and supervision of activities at field level and reporting to the DOA.
  • Human resource development in sericulture, apiculture andmushroom.
  • Other special responsibilities as assigned by MOAC and DOA.
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