Apiculture in Nepal is being practiced since the time immemorial. However, due to the lacking of the scientific management, farmers were getting nominal and direct benefits. It is only after 2051-52 after the introduction of Apis mellifera species, apiculture in Nepal got proper attention in terms of scientific management. Now, apiculture is one of the most potential commercial enterprises that produce honey and other related products, which are being exported to other countries. Nepal's rich natural flora and diversified agro-ecology guarantee the greater potentialities of the apiculture development


  • Creating employment opportunities through increased production and establishing honey-processing industries
  • Support national economy through exporting honey products.


  • To increase the production of honey qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • To help in increasing the crop production through increased pollination.
  • To increase honey consumption through awareness campaigning.


  • Development and extension of Apis cerana in hills and Apis mellifera in terai.
  • The selection of honeybee pocket areas tying-up with bee pastures, fruit orchards and appropriate cropping system.
  • Awareness campaigning on nutritional value of the honey for increased affiliation of people in production and consumption of honey.

Working policies

  • Commercialization of Apis cerana and Apis mellifera in appropriate areas.
  • Establishment of well-equipped laboratory for quality control in honey and honey products with the coordination of the Department Food Technology and Quality Control.
  • Continuity of honeybee resource center development programme to strengthen the farmer-to-farmer technology transfer.
  • Human resources development through training, tours, and higher studies.
  • Bee colony migration   to appropriate field/region/areas.
  • Technical and financial support in establishing honey processing plants and industries.
  • Strengthening beehives through the production of queen (artificially) for higher production.


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