Nepal has a traditional history of collecting and consuming the wild mushroom based upon peoples own experiences. It has been only few years that people have started growing edible mushrooms in their houses and farms. There is a great potential for growing mushrooms in Nepal by mobilizing local resources and helping people in generating income and improving nutritional status.
The DOIED has the main responsibility of formulating policies, norms, monitoring and supervision of mushroom development programmes in Nepal. The programmes are implemented through the District Agriculture Development Offices (DADO). Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC) and a few private organizations are the major resources centers for supplying the quality spawn to the farmer/growers. In the past, a Japanese volunteer has helped a lot in the development of mushroom cultivation in Nepal.
It has been realized that a separate unit for mushroom development is needed at government level to serve the farmer/growers as a resource center. Therefore, our activities have been guided towards the same.


  • Intensification of mushroom cultivation in cities and peripheries by mobilizing local resources to substitute the import and increase the export of mushrooms.
  • Establishment of mushroom processing industries by increasing the participation of women, dalits, oppressed, landless and marginal people/farmers.


  • To develop and extension of improved technology on mushroom.
  • To ensure the production and supply of quality spawn.
  • To implement mushroom cultivation in potential areas.
  • To create employment opportunities through establishing processing plants.


  • Intensification of mushroom development/cultivation programme in cities and peripheries.
  • Programme implementation by government and private sector through institutional development.

Working policy

  • Extension of Kathmandu centered spawn production to other parts of the country through Regional Plants Protection Laboratories (in the beginning).
  • Development of resource centers at private level for quality spawn production and supply.
  • Establishment of separate unit for quality control and certification at DOIED.
  • Development and extension of mushroom processing technologies.
  • Human resources development through studies and trainings.


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